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Compare our range of unique, time-saving audio alignment products, featuring Revoice Pro, VocALign Pro and VocALign Project.

NEW Revoice Pro 3

We've added manual time and pitch editing to our automatic feature transfering and doubling functions to save you even more time and effort.

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Revoice is Awsome

Revoice Pro 3.0 has just been released and adds even more time-saving capabilities to this ground-breaking product (Windows and OS X).

Like VocALign, Revoice Pro 3.0 can automatically time-align Double Tracks and ADR in seconds. But, it does much more:

  • Revoice Pro can automatically transfer pitch, loudness, vibrato, intonation, loudness as well as timing, from one signal to another, with astonishing speed, quality and accuracy that you control.
  • It can also generate fantastic, natural-sounding double tracks in seconds.
  • Revoice Pro includes and is powered by the most advanced and best-sounding VocALign algorithm ever.
  • And now, you can also manually adjust audio signal features with unsurpassed precision and quality.
Main Feature Comparison Chart
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VocALign Project 3 VocALign Pro 4 Revoice Pro 3.0
Automatic time alignment

VocALign Project is the industry standard time alignment algorithm.

VocALign Pro adds a more advanced alignment algorithm which allows more user control in difficult signals.

Revoice Pro uses the very latest alignment code which is the result of 15 years R&D, this algorithm can align long signals, it can align when there is extra content in the guide or dub tracks and allows the user to control the tightness of the alignment.

Protected Regions -
Allows you to mark areas in the dub signal which should not be modified by the alignment algorithm.
Transfers Pitch, Vibrato, Inflection, Loudness - -

Revoice Pro can transfer the Pitch, Vibrato, Inflection and Loudness of one performance onto another performance.

Warp Process - -

Automatic & Manual correction of the pitch of musical notes. Manual adjustment of the timing, vibrato, inflection and tilt of notes.

Warp Points - -

Doubler, APT and Warp Processes allow time flexing of signals using warp points.

Transient Protection - -
Revoice Pro detects transients in the signals and avoids modifying the signal at the transient.
Adjustable Time and Pitch Tightness - -
You can set the amount of pitch and time transfer from the guide to the dub signal - this prevents the signals becoming too tight. This is useful if you want to correct a second performance but still have it audible as a separate part of the mix.
Built-in Realistic audio doubler - -
If you need a single performance to sound like two or more double tracks.
Manual waveform and pitch editing options - -
Allows you to manually adjust the timing, pitch, vibrato and inflection of your signals.
Stand Alone - unlimited tracks and sessions - -
Revoice Pro is a standalone program that will work with audio files exported from your editor. It also contains Audio Suite, AAX, Audio Unit and VST3 plug-ins to allow audio to be easily transferred from your editor to Revoice.
Revoice Monitor - -
Allows audio from Revoice Pro to be played through an insert within your editor.
Maximum duration of alignment 120 s 300 s Unlimited
Revoice Pro's advance alignment algorithm allows it to process very long signals.
Vocals and Instruments

All products can process the timing of spoken voice, vocals and instruments.

Revoice Pro can also process the pitch of single-pitched signals.

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