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What Was New in Previous Versions

What's New in Version 3.2

Key features

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Detailed Feature List

Control and Operation Changes

Auto-play selected note while modifying Warped or Output pitch.

Insert Warp Points editing mode turned ON using ‘.’ key.

Smooth Join Tool – new operation

Create Playback Range from selection of notes in Warp or APT Output by pressing Y key.

Revoice Session: View/Settings Menu – new layout

Add Audio

Can now open a Process Control Panel for Processes or Warps by selecting “Settings” in Right Click or “context” menu.

Doubler Improvements

New Factory Presets Added

Added instruction text “RIGHT CLICK HERE TO ADD A PROCESS” to Revoice Pro Session with audio in session but no process.


Display Controls

Tracks can now scroll up and down in Revoice Pro Window with Mouse up/down scroll.

Select All and Deselect All added to editor menu with short cut keys.

Add Selections - Clicking outside selected audio display range will now select unselected audio

New Bar & Beat Display in Revoice Session window

Import MIDI file added to file menu.

Scale and Tuning Grids added

Channel Display Controls for Multitrack audio in Tracks Menu

Demultiplexer switch for multichannel audio tracks in Tracks Menu

Correct Pitch Tool – If hold down ALT key and click “Correction” slider, it selects default value of 100%

Playhead Position (displayed at bottom of Revoice Pro screen) can be edited and moved using numeric key entry and arrows.


Updates, Reports and Operating System Information

Check For Updates option added to Help menu.

Live Tracking enabled to send reports to Synchro Arts indicating what features are being used.

OS X installer now installs plug-ins if they are not up to date. (Removed plug-in installer from .dmg image.)

Mixer Window removed from OS X version.

OS X Export audio “.wav” added to exported file names


DAW-Specific Changes

Studio One 3: Improved Copy and Paste from Studio One 3 to Revoice Pro. Select in View / Settings window.

Pro Tools – Revoice Pro (Quick) APT: Added Switch to turn off automatic switching of Guide to Dub selection.


Main Bug Fixes in 3.2

Pro Tool Revoice Monitor - fixed audio drop out at 96k.

29.97 drop frame - drop frames now at the start of the next minute and not at the end of the current minute.

Windows - Improved sluggish abort of background process.

Fixed various problems causing crashes or erratic behaviour.

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What's New in Version 3.1


What's New in Version 3.0

In Revoice Pro 3, the biggest new feature is that manual editing of Time and Pitch using two new "Warping" functions has been introduced (details here).

Make Warp Region menu

The new Make Warp Region function (shown right) allows "in place" adjustment of time and pitch features to a single audio region in the same track as the input audio region. This is meant for making large and small corrections or creative changes to the timing and pitch of voice and monophonic instruments to create perfected lead, harmony, ADR or voice over parts.

New Warp Process MenuIn addition, a new "Warp" Process (shown in menu at right) can take its input audio from any length of audio (from part of a region or even from multiple regions) and allow the same type of creative adjustments and corrections to be applied to to the input audio. But in this case, the Warp Process results are sent to an Output track - i.e. not in the same track as the input audio (in the same way as the APT and Doubler processes work).

The Warped tracks' audio can be used independently and sent back to the DAW. But what's more powerful and unusual is they can also provide "perfected" Guide tracks for APT functions (to tighten any existing "loose" double tracks automatically), and/or as the inputs to Doubler functions.

These Time and Pitch Warping functions are improved versions of those previously only available as an output of the APT function which still (as in previous versions) can have the APT Output signal's pitch, timing and level manually adjusted after being automatically generated.

Also new to Revoice Pro 3's APT function, is that the output region now has these new additional Time and Pitch warping features available in the new Warp functions. This will be discussed further below and in the chapter on APT processing.

These new pitch and time Warp controls are more powerful, easier to use and the improved Revoice Pro editing algorithms provide unbeatable high-quality results.

"One stop solution" for Time and Pitch processing

Most significantly, these new manual Time and Pitch editing tools give you the option to not have to prepare audio in other external time and pitch editing programs and, instead, do these adjustments comfortably and quickly within Revoice Pro. The multi-track features of Revoice Pro also mean that you can play other tracks along with the track you are adjusting while in a loop to audition your changes in context.

This becomes even more powerful because by keeping these linked adjustments within Revoice Pro 3, any additional time and/or pitch changes to the main input Guide tracks will be passed automatically into the outputs of all processes using these inputs. So dependant audio tracks will be updated instantly and the results sent back to the DAW for mixing. Moreover, the Revoice Pro sessions containing the audio and processes can be saved for further future adjustments if needed.

No other audio software tools can achieve this level of integration of multiple linked processes across multiple tracks.

Typical Applications

Some of the main uses for manually editing signal features (pitch, timing and level) are quite common and include:

  1. Improving or altering the pitch and/or timing of tracks that will be used as Guide tracks in APT processes.
  2. Correcting or altering the pitch of a harmony track before using it as a Dub input to an APT process that will have only its timing aligned to the Guide. The output of this APT process can then become a harmony Guide track for correcting double tracks of this harmony part.
  3. Manually adjusting the pitch and time of a solo vocal or any voice recording that is not being used with any other vocal track.
  4. Lastly, if required, making minor adjustments to the features in the output of an APT process.


Summary of New Features in Revoice Pro 3


Detailed New Features

What's New in Version 2.5 and 2.6

Major New Features

What's New in Version 2.2


Major New Features


If you are capturing audio with the Revoice Pro Link Audio Suite Plug-in, do NOT use BAR BEATS setting in Pro Tools 10 and 10.1. There is a Pro Tools bug that will place the captured audio at the wrong time code in Revoice Pro. Avid fixed this in Pro Tools 10.2.