Revoice Pro is in a class of its own as a time and effort saver in audio post-production, easily doing what even experienced editors consider either difficult or downright impossible.

Revoice Pro can automatically and instantly transfer the timing, pitch, intonation or loudness features from one signal to another. This is perfect for matching the timing and tuning of double tracks or syncing ADR. And because you control the tightness of the corrections, you keep it sounding natural.

When double tracks haven't been recorded, Revoice Pro's Doubler process creates incredibly natural-sounding ones. And when you need to manually adjust timing or pitch, you'll get simple to use tools and probably the best sound quality in the business.

Revoice Pro works with monophonic instruments as well as voices and works with any Windows or Mac OS X audio editing system.

revoice pro

Revoice Pro is a unique audio processing program for audio editors.


Videos - Meet Revoice Pro in action

video posterWhat's new in Revoice Pro 2.5

video posterFast double track tightening

video posterWhat was added in Revoice Pro 2.2


Why Use Revoice Pro?

Revoice Pro works with ANY Mac or Windows-based Digital Audio Editor including Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, etc.

It has been designed to assist audio editors in two ways: Firstly, its automatic functions eliminate hours of tedious manual editing of audio signals in the applications listed below. Secondly, it lets you manipulate audio features as transparently as possible. So when Revoice Pro has helped you do your job - its contribution shouldn't be noticeable.

The workflow is fast and easy to learn, so you can get your work done efficiently in a fraction of the time normally required.

Let's look at the two main automatic processes first.

Audio Performance Transfer (APT)

APT window

  • The APT process automatically transfers user-selected timing, pitch and/or loudness features of a good "Guide" audio signal to a ""Dub" signal and creates a modified Dub signal.
  • The APT process is powered by an improved version of the original VocALign algorithm.
  • The APT output can be manually manipulated if required.


For creating vocal and instrumental double tracks:

  • Automatically creates adjustably "tight" double (or multiple) tracks from multiple takes of the same or different performers

For Dialog Replacement and Voice-overs:

  • Automatically transfers the timing and/or pitch and inflection of spoken phrases from one actor's takes to another take of the same or different actor

User Comments

I started using Revoice Pro on 'American Hustle' and it's become my FAVORITE TOOL for ADR. The sync feature is spot on and now I'm using the pitch feature to match performances.  Renée Tondelli

"I love everything about it! A VERY useful tool. Doing everything manually in Melodyne or Logic is not really that creative. Now I just need to focus on the lead vocals and forget about the dubs or harmonies. Thank you! " Peter Boström

"It is such an extraordinary time-saver that I can't even begin to calculate the number of hours it’s saved me. I’m currently working on projects, with high vocal track counts. I’ve been able to craft dense backgrounds and SOLID leads in no time at all" Joseph (Jay) Greer

"I regularly have to deal with stacks of vocal tracks that need to be tuned and timed to match a guide vocal. Thanks for saving me from hours of tedious work!" Jon Newell


Realistic Doubler

doubler window

  • Instantly creates natural-sounding mono and stereo double tracks from a mono or stereo input.
  • Controllable time variations, vibrato and formants


  • Synthesizing realistic sounding mono or stereo double tracks from a single mono or stereo input track.
  • Doubles vocals and instruments.
  • Extreme settings can be used to generate special effects.



User Comments

"The automatic doubling process is saving me half a day per song!!"
Michael Hagel

"I'm really loving the new Doubler Features. So natural and the presets are great!!"
Kirke Jan Blankenship

"Doubling is the secret weapon for the modern pop and hip hop vocal sound, and Revoice Pro crushes in that area. "
Howie Miura


RP environmentInnovative stand-alone program environment - gives you maximum capabilities and speed

Revoice Pro is different from an editor or plug-in because it provides a purpose-built environment that efficiently supports many unique features:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Works with ANY Mac or Windows based Digital Audio Worstation (DAW)
  • Link Plug-ins (or drag and drop) transfers audio to and from DAWs
  • Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-ins provide fast VocALign-style interface
  • Efficient workflow in appliation
  • Export via plug-ins, instant region drag and drop or multi-track transfer capabilities
  • RTAS or Rewire (Mac only) Monitoring




Revoice Pro

Revoice Pro

The main Revoice Pro screen with APT control panel

What's New in Revoice Pro 2.5

This video will show the major new features added in Revoice Pro 2.5 and how to use them.

Fast Workflow for Tightening Double tracks

This is a short tutorial using the new APT workflow to create Double track of vocals or single-pitch instruments

What was intoduced in Revoice Pro 2.2

A brief overview of new features including 1) faster ways to set up and APT pitch and timing processing and creating double tracks; 2) New audio monitoring plug-ins; 3) New quick keys help you work faster work.


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