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Welcome to the Revoice Pro User Guide. We hope you will find it helpful.

This section explains the different ways you can get help using Revoice Pro, explains some conventions used in this Guide, and tells you how to contact us for support or anything else.

Users who have read previous versions of this guide should check the What's New chapter first.

We also recommend checking here for the latest updates of this manual.

Revoice Pro Help

There are three sources of help:

Help option

What it is and how to use it

1. This User Guide

Topics in the Index at the left can be clicked to present individual chapters describing the selected topic.

2. In application pop-ups

Brief Item-dependent explanations of main controls and areas in the Revoice Pro application will automatically appear by positioning the cursor over an item in the Revoice Pro program and waiting a second.

3. Tutorial Videos

On-line Videos are being created and updated to help users quickly understand the general and detailed operation of Revoice Pro.
References within this User Guide to relevant videos which will be accessible if the user is on-line. These are identified by this icon: Video Play icon


Program Control Devices (Mouse, Track Ball, etc.)

A range of positioning and control devices can be used with Revoice Pro including a mouse with one button, two-button mouse, Magic Mouse, track pads, track balls etc.

In this Guide, we have used the familiar terms "LEFT CLICK" and "RIGHT CLICK" which might not be appropriate for the user's control device. What is meant is this:

For detailed information on your device controls or setting it up, look in any of the following:


Contact and Support Information

Synchro Arts Limited
Tel: +44 1372 811934
UK Tel: 01372 811934



13 Links Road
Epsom, Surrey
KT17 3PP
United Kingdom


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Trademarks and Notices

Revoice and VocALign are registered trademarks of Synchro Arts Limited.
Pro Tools is a registered trademark of Avid Technology, Inc.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
The VocALign algorithm included in Revoice Pro, is developed and sold under license from Wordfit Limited.


Thanks to these contributors for their helpful advice, examples and feedback

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