Link AS PanelThe Revoice Pro Link Audio Suite (shown right), can instantly transfer and "Spot" a single audio region from Revoice Pro to the correct timecode in a designated Pro Tools track. This is an extremely quick method for transferring processed regions individually.

(The AAX version operation and appearance is identical.)

This plug-in resides in the Pro Tools Audio Suite plug-ins "Other" folder and must be selected and running in Pro Tools to appear and operate.

Revoice Pro Link SwitchIn order for transfers to take place, the Revoice Pro Link (Audio Suite) plug-in must be running in Pro Tools and the Revoice Link switch in Revoice Pro must be ON (green) in the source Revoice Pro session's window (as shown right).

We recommend that the Pro Tools Audio Suite or AAX Header controls (at the top of the Link plug-in window) should be set mainly according to the image below.

Audio Suite Link Header

There are only some variations of these switches that will work correctly:

  • If "Playlist" is selected in the Link plug-in, then the user can also select the destination Pro Tools audio Track from the drop-down selector showing "no track selected" in the image above.
  • If USE IN PLAYLIST is not selected (e.g. blue as above), when SPOT is pressed, the transferred audio will only go into the Pro Tools CLIPS window.
  • If the Selected Track display shows "no track selected" then the audio will be placed in the same track as the cursor used to "select some audio" in the Pro Tools window (as required for an Audio Suite plug-in to operate.) If a track is selected instead, the audio will go to that track.

The lower section of the Link plug-in shown above, in the section displaying Revoice Pro -> Pro Tools, provides three simple steps:

1) In Revoice Pro, select the audio you wish to transfer. (Audio may already be selected automatically after processing - so you often do not need to do this step.)

Link AS before Spot2) In Pro Tools, select the destination by highlighting an area in the target track. (See the image at right.)

The red arrows show where a range in track "Audio 3" has been marked to select that track (but not the start time).

3) Press the Spot button (shown right)Link AS Spot button

Link AS after SpotThe selected audio in Revoice Pro will be transferred to the selected track at the correct timecode start in Pro Tools as shown right in Track Audio 3.

If a Pro Tools track is selected in the Link's header, then the audio will be placed there.


If the timecode position of the audio spotted in Pro Tools is wrong, make sure the Sample Rate settings for the Pro Tools Session and the Revoice Pro Session are the same.