WarpCorrectPitch1The Correct Pitch tool automatically pulls in the pitch of selected notes towards standard pitch centres (notes of the chromatic scale). It is selected using the contextual menu or by pressing M on the computer keyboard. or by pressing K on the computer keyboard. The cursor appears as the symbol shown, and can be applied by holding down the left mouse button and dragging across the note range to be corrected.

A slider appears allowing control over the amount of automatic pitch correction from 0–100%.

Holding down option/ALT and clicking on the slider will set it to 100%. When at 100% all notes in the selection will be completely pulled to the nearest pitch interval, but lesser strengths of correction can be set. Automatic pitch correction is applied on top of any manually applied changes. Revoice Pro remembers the pitch corrections applied to notes, so if they are selected again with this tool the previously set pitch correction value will also be shown and can be modified.

If the Correct Pitch tool selects notes having different amounts of previously applied pitch correction, the control slider will show the range of correction strength applied to those notes, and the slider will be set midway in this range. Changing the slider, however, will pull all notes selected to the single newly applied value.

If a specific musical scale is selected in the Scales menu at the bottom right of the main window (transport area), then this function will correct the pitch only to notes of the selected scale. See the chapter Musical Scales for further information.

NOTE: Automatic pitch correction is a mathematical operation - based on how the waveform "sits" within a note range. There is no perceptual model used, so the user should always check all automatic pitch correction by ear as some notes from corrected pitch contours will not sound exactly in tune and will need user adjustment.