It is possible to generate multiple APT Processes from one Guide and a number of related Dub tracks. This is an efficient means of creating stacks of vocals or instruments.

A basic introduction to Create Multiple Processes was provided in the Basic Process functions section but, because the function is unique to Revoice Pro and its APT function, a more detailed tutorial is given in this section.

Possible applications:

  • Instantly tighten the timing and/or pitch of 2, 3 or more recorded versions of a lead vocal ("stacked vocals") to the best "guide" lead vocal (which could be a different singer).

  • Instantly create stacks of time-aligned harmony tracks (to one Guide Harmony for pitch and/or time or to the lead vocal for timing only (so that the harmony's pitch is not changed to the Guide vocal's).

Topics in this section:

Multiple APT Processes: step-by-step

Multiple APT Processes: alternative approach

Multiple APT Processes: manual option

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