For additional creative control, several of the pitch processing settings can be varied with time.

APT - Time Varying settings

You must first access the "trace" showing the setting value (which initially will be set to the control panel value and therefore constant along the timeline for the duration of the Process Control Blocks). In the picture above, we have RIGHT CLICKed in the Dub track of the APT process and the first pop-up menu shows this to be "APT:Travis Rap dbl". We then have another pop up menu showing the selection of Pitch Processing Settings:

  • Edit Pitch Limits
  • Edit Alignment Tolerance
  • Edit Pitch Tolerance
  • Edit Pitch Transfer Strength
  • Edit Offset of Pitch

When one is selected, a horizontal line will be displayed at the value of the setting (scaled to appear in the track at a correct level for that setting).

In this example, we have selected the Pitch Tolerance setting, which in the APT controls is at 2% and then opened the Dub track to full height in the picture below. Then, we have grabbed points with the mouse along the original horizontal line between the end points and dragged them vertically. The larger circled point shows we have changed the value to raised their value to 3.26%. At the right, we have also circled where the program will show the name of the setting being modified in that track.

Different settings may be selected, displayed and varied but only one at a time.

.APT - Time varying settings

To remove the selected values between the start and end values, when the correct time-varying setting trace is shown, RIGHT CLICK in the Dub track, choose Select, then Select All. Then RIGHT CLICK again and chose Modify Values and Delete Select Values. This should remove all the values between the start and end values.

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