In addition to the basic methods for transferring audio between Logic Pro and Revoice Pro, from v3.3 of Revoice and 10.3 of Logic it's possible to use a faster method that takes advantage of Logic's Selection-Based Processing.

Also, an AU-based monitor plug-in is included with Revoice Pro that, once installed, allows you to hear audio playback from Revoice Pro through the DAW's audio outputs. It also lets Revoice Pro optionally lock to the DAW's playback with sample-accurate sync. This lets you check processed audio "in place" with DAW audio and video before you transfer it from Revoice Pro back to the DAW.

Selection-Based Processing

A Revoice plug-in is applied directly to a region or regions in Logic, rather than via a channel-strip insert, enabling the audio to be captured quickly. That's the only aspect of it we use in this case. To get the processed audio back in to Logic just use the drag and drop method. Normally, with Selection-Based Processing, the plug-in processing is applied to a copy of the region concerned, so that the original is still available, but in the steps below we show how you can capture the audio without creating a copy of the region. See for further details of how it works.

Topics in this section:

Capturing audio

Apply a Process

Transfer audio back to Logic

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