Revoice Pro LinkThe Revoice Pro Link Audio Suite plug-in for Pro Tools is shown at the right. The AAX Plug-in is identical in structure and operations.

These plug-ins reside in the Pro Tools Audio Suite plug-ins "Other" folder and must be selected and running in Pro Tools to appear and operate.

At the top of the plug-in window are the standard plug-in controls. (Detailed information about header controls is available in the Pro Tools Help system.)

The black panel below the header contains mainly instructions and a destination Track selector switch.

In the Audio Suite "Footer" controls at the bottom, the Capture button starts the copying of audio selected in Pro Tools to Revoice Pro.

This is the only Link plug-in version that can transfer audio back from Revoice Pro to a DAW (Pro Tools) apart from the Pro Tools "Quick" APT and Doubler plug-ins.

The Spot button sends the processed audio from Revoice Pro back to the user-selected tracks and correct timecode in Pro Tools.

The only plug-in modes that are reliably supported for transfer of audio are "create continuous file" and "entire selection", which essentially grabs everything you have selected and makes one continuous audio file for use in Revoice Pro. The header switches at the top of the window should be used to select this. (From ProTools 12.6 no other modes of operation can be selected with Revoice Pro Link.)

AS Link Header

Revoice Pro Link Switch

Revoice Pro Link SwitchTo transfer audio using any of the Link Plug-ins to Revoice Pro, the Revoice Pro Link Switch must be ON (green as shown left) in the destination Revoice Pro Session window.

Otherwise, the Link plug-ins will display an error message.

Only one Revoice Pro Session can have this switch ON at a time.

Topics in this section: 

Capturing audio from Pro Tools using the link plug-in

Transferring the audio back to ProTools using the link plug-in