Before using the Audio Suite or AAX Link plug-in, make sure in Pro Tools that the Session Setup window shown below (found in the Pro Tools Setup menu under Session) is set either to 0:0:0:0 or to a desired timecode offset (a 1 hour offset is shown in the example).

Pro Tools Session Offset

This Pro Tools Session Start offset will be added to the captured audio start timecode and be used as the timecode start in Revoice Pro.

The section headed Pro Tools --> Revoice Pro is used to instantly transfer selected audio from a Pro Tools track to a Revoice Pro track.

In Pro Tools, select the region(s) of audio that you want to transfer.
In the example shown below, two audio regions and the silence between them are selected in a Pro Tools track.

Select the destination Revoice Pro Track using the drop down selector button after "1) Revoice Pro Track".
The window that appears will show the names of all the available Revoice Pro Tracks as they are labelled.
In the example below - the track in Revoice Pro labelled "Audio 4" is selected as the destination track for the audio.

Press the Capture button in the Plug-in "Footer" AS Link Capture
The selected audio will be immediately captured and transferred from Pro Tools to Revoice Pro as a continuous audio file containing both selections and the silence between them.

With this method it is recommended to transfer material to Revoice Pro track-by-track, as above, rather than multiple tracks at a time. If you attempt to capture more than one track at a time, they will either end up on top of each other, in a single Revoice track (plug-in mono mode) or combined into a multi-channel file (plug-in multi-input mode), neither of which is easy to deal with.

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