In order to see analysed or processed pitch information clearly in Revoice Pro Tracks, some adjustments to the display may be needed. The topics in this section explain some ways of seeing pitch information more clearly. These mostly relate to APT, but some may be relevant when looking at Warp results.

In the Output of a Warp or Warp Region Process you can't control what attributes are displayed. Only the pitch blocks and contours are shown.

With APT, on the other hand, by turning on the Guide, Dub and Output pitch displays using the APT Views control you can inspect:

  • What the pitch contours look like and what the frequency ranges are
  • Where the Dub and Guide signal pitch contours are different and might cause problems
  • What happens when APT's pitch processing parameters are adjusted to be more tolerant of differences.

APT Process Control Blocks need to be selected for these displays to work.

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Topics in this section:

Improving pitch information display - summary

Lower the energy displays

Bring the pitch traces into view

Pitch range

Alter the display to show pitches