Because Revoice Pro is a stand-alone program, the audio playback needs to be directed to a monitoring system to be heard.

Revoice Pro can route its stereo mix of enabled tracks in two ways:

  • Directly - to audio hardware supported by your computer's operating system.

  • Indirectly - by feeding Revoice Pro's stereo output to a track Insert in your DAW (if it supports RTAS, VST3 or AU insert plug-ins) and routing the output of that track to your DAW monitor system. This method uses the Revoice Pro Monitor plug-in.

Audio Monitoring Options

Advantages / Disadvantages / Comments


  • Simple
  • Plays all Revoice Pro audio playback functions: scrub and loop
  • Not slaved to playback in DAW

Indirectly via:

Revoice Pro Monitor Plug-in

  • The output of Revoice Pro is fed to a stereo Insert in a DAW track which can be routed through the DAW's audio monitoring hardware.
  • Works with Pro Tools HD, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic Pro, Studio One and other DAW hardware (via supported RTAS, VST3 and AU inserts).
  • If DAW is playing, and "Follow DAW" is checked in Preferences, Revoice Pro follows the DAW playback position and replays enabled tracks through the DAW's audio hardware.
  • Revoice Pro Monitor ONLY- When DAW is not playing, the output of Revoice Pro play, scrub and looping functions are played through the DAW's audio hardware.


Both of these methods can be set up at the same time, but only one at a time can be used, depending on whether the Monitoring switch, for Revoice Pro Monitor is ON or OFF in Revoice Pro. 

The Audio Output settings are controlled in the Revoice Pro Preferences menu.

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