Since the settings are set up correctly, we can now run the Doubler Process. If Revoice Pro is the selected program, simply LEFT CLICK the New Process button at the bottom of the New Process window or press the N key (shortcut) on the keyboard.Doubler - Create Process

The result of doing this is shown right.


In this example, two things are visible: Firstly, a green (selected) Process Control Block labelled "Dblr:Lead vox" has been inserted in the Process Control Track below track 1. Note this is the length of the previously selected audio (and the audio is no longer shown selected). This shows where the processing will start and end.

Secondly, an Output track has been created, labelled "Lead Vox [OUT]", containing an audio clip "Dblr:Lead vox".

If background processing is turned on the output audio will be rendered immediately. If not, a red line will show above the audio and pressing the space bar to PLAY will render the audio.

To inspect and change settings in the Doubler Process Control Panel, make sure the Doubler Input Control Block is selected (green), and the Session window is active, press the P key on the keyboard (or the "open" arrow in the Guide or Dub Process Control Blocks) to open the Control Panel as shown right. Make any required adjustments and then press P again (or the close button) to close the panel.


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