There are four sources of help:

This User Guide

Topics in the Contents at the left can be clicked to present individual sections describing the selected topic. Opening each major heading will show the sub-headings of that topic.

Topics in this section: links to major headings in that section

Related topics: other topics in the user guide and externally that may be relevant

In application pop-ups

Brief item-dependent explanations of main controls and areas in the Revoice Pro application will automatically appear by positioning the cursor over an item in the Revoice Pro program and waiting a second.

Shortcut keys are also documented within the application itself, and can be modified.

Tutorial videos

On-line videos are being created and updated to help users quickly understand the general and detailed operation of Revoice Pro.

Links to videos are identified in this manual using the icon.

Go to the Synchro Arts Videos filtered for Revoice Pro to see numerous explanations of how to use the application in a variety of creative situations.

Synchro Arts website

There is a comprehensive collection of downloads, tips and tricks for using Revoice Pro with different DAWs on the Synchro Arts website.


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