Playback- When the space bar is pressed to start or stop playback, the playback (shown by the Playhead motion) will start at the start of the last-selected Playback Range block.

If the Rewind switch is ON, then pressing the spacebar will toggle stop and then start playback from the Block start, unless the user manually resets the playhead before starting. Then, that new starting position will be used.

If the Loop switch is on, when the Playhead reaches the end of the block, it will automatically jump to the start of the block.

The start and end of the blocks can be moved while playing, and the new positions will be used immediately.

The up arrow and down arrow keys on the keyboard will send the Playhead stepping to the start or end of successive Playback Region blocks or other "events" defined by the start and stop of any audio waveform sections loaded in the tracks.

While playing back, the user can select tracks to hear or mute by pressing the various monitor enable, mute and solo switches.