Sometimes, after using a process that transfers pitch of very different signals, audible problems in the output can occur. In these cases, examining the pitch measurement traces of the Input and Output signals can be very helpful in determining what is causing the problem, and indicating how to correct it.

You may then want to alter the way in which pitch information is automatically processed using the APT Process Control Panel. In some cases manual editing can be done of the pitch, timing or level of certain syllables or notes in order to correct them. You can also use time-varying automation to change some of the APT pitch parameters over the course of a Process Control Block. 

The Pitch section of the APT Process control panel has a number of options for adjusting the way in which pitch is handled by the algorithm. Most of these are explained briefly when hovering over the control concerned with the cursor in the application itself, and in more detail in Adjusting APT settings.

In this section some detailed aspects of automatic pitch processing are explained in relation to challenges that can arise with certain types of signal.

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