For a general description of using Drag and Drop in Cubase or Nuendo please see: Main rules for drag and drop audio files.

To move multiple processed tracks (or a portion of multiple tracks) from Revoice Pro back to Nuendo or Cubase at the same time, the Export Audio command [CMD E (Mac)/CTRL E (Windows)] can be used.

The files transferred from Nuendo or Cubase are not duplicated (saving storage space and housekeeping) and clip names are maintained in both directions.

In this section, we explain how to set up Revoice Pro's Session variables to match the Nuendo/Cubase project, and how to use the simple audio transfer methods and the monitoring plug-in.

NOTE: In the following instructions, the pictures shown are using Nuendo 6, but there are similar windows and controls in Nuendo 5 and up and Cubase 5 and up that will match these instructions.


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Setup Revoice Pro for audio transfers

Capturing audio

Processing multiple regions

Apply a process

Transfer the audio back to Cubase/Nuendo

Using Revoice Pro with Cubase/Nuendo

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