Dialog or Music mode?

Revoice Pro 4 has introduced a new Music mode for APT pitch processing that has time constants and features optimised for the characteristics of musical signals. The mode is selected in the APT Process Control Panel.

This video has a short demonstration of Music mode adjustments.

In Dialog mode the Guide pitch is used directly as the first basis for pitch modifications of the Dub, retaining a short-term tightness of pitch alignment between the two controlled by the Tolerance slider.

This is optimised for ADR sync in post-production. Transfer strength then determines how close the Output's pitch will be to the Guide.

In both modes, Offset can be used to introduce an artificial constant tuning offset into the Output Track (say to shift it by a minor third musically).

In Music mode the process first separates the Guide and Dub pitch into average (Tuning) and modulations (Fit), with controls to adjust the transfer as shown below.

With Tuning set at 100% the Output pitch will be the same as the medium-term average of the Guide pitch (roughly averaged over musical note duration). In other words the processed Dub will have been tuned to the Guide's current musical pitch. With Tuning set at 0% the processed Dub's overall pitch will not be changed at all. 

Fit controls how much of the short term detail of pitch variation in the Guide is transferred to the Dub in the Output Track. Set to 100%, the Output pitch variations will match the Guide exactly, and set to 0% it will match the Dub exactly.

Music mode always works in something akin to "Nearest Octave", in that it preserves octave differences between Guide and Dub.