The heart of Revoice Pro are its Processes. These are the algorithms that modify and display your audio signals and its features. These processes will create an output in a separate Revoice Pro track.

The three main ones are:

  • Audio Performance Transfer (APT)
    • Automatically, gives a target audio signal (Dub) the selected timing, pitch and/or loudness characteristics of a "Guide" audio signal. APT processing is powered by the most advanced version of VocALign and other unique technology.

  • Doubler
    • Instantly creates natural-sounding double tracks from one input signal. It can also provide creative time and pitch modulation effects.

  • Warp
    • Provides fast and easy-to-use manual and automatic tools to change the time, pitch, vibrato and level of voice and monophonic instrument recordings with unmatchable quality and transparency.

NOTE: There is also a Warp Region process that will modify a selected Region of the input signal and and the processed results will replace the input signal. 

Other (less-used) process included are:

  • Volume
    • Allows individual signall level values to be added and adjusted to create a modified level control contour

  • Analyser
    • Offers a graphical representation of short-term signal spectrum and a spectrogram display.

This section of the manual describes how to use each of the processes in detail.

It also explains a number of the Basic Process functions that are common to all Processes.

Topics in this section

Basic Process functions

Audio Performance Transfer (APT)




Related topics

Audio setup, monitoring and playback


Manually adjust timing, pitch and level