Cubase / Nuendo

After dragging in audio to DAW track, select the Cubase Edit menu that shows "Move to", and select "Origin” option.

You can also set and use a quick key command.

For example:
Set keys to


Select the menu that shows “Move to Recording Position”  (or “Move Region to Original Recording Position”) and click that option. 

You can also use the corresponding key command, default assignment:  

Pro Tools

RIGHT CLICK dragged audio and chose "Spot" from pop-up menu. This will bring up the "Spot Dialog" box.

Click the "Original Time Stamp" selector and press OK.
(See pictures below)

Set "Auto-Spot" (if available) in Options menu.

Other Editors

Look for similar commands to "Spot" or "move audio start to timecode stamp".




Illustrated Example: "Spotting" audio dragged from Revoice Pro in Pro Tools to correct timecode

Drop audio in Pro Tools

a) Processed audio from Revoice Pro is dragged into Pro Tools track in bottom track


Spot menu

b) Pro Tools Spot function is selected

Drag Drop Spot 2

c) In Pro Tools "Spot Dialog" window, select "Use Subframes", if available.

d) Select "Original Time Stamp" Dialog and click OK

Drop and Spotted in Pro Tools

e) Processed audio snaps to correct position.