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Introducing RePitch – the new vocal pitch editor from Synchro Arts

Say hello to RePitch

We are thrilled to reveal RePitch, a new pitch editor plugin which joins our lineup of award-winning vocal production tools. Consisting of pitch editing technology from our flagship software Revoice Pro with fine-tuned, easy-to-use navigation, RePitch delivers nothing but super-natural, transparent results – with tuning you can’t hear.


      • Powerful suite of intuitive pitch and time editing tools
      • Easy automatic or detailed manual correction options
      • Edit pitch, sibilance and breathes separately
      • Formant Shifting
      • Scale Detection
      • Fully Resizable GUI Window
      • SynchroLink enabled for connectivity with VocAlign


RePitch at its core enables pitch, timing and volume adjustments of any monophonic vocal (or instrument). In the mission to redefine vocal production tools we think folks should expect a vocal pitch editor in 2022 that delivers incredibly natural and ‘undoctored’ results – even with the most extreme edits.

Not only can you rely on its sound quality, it’s super quick. If you have a vocal that’s gone rogue, simply load one of the task-orientated macros to instantly snap your singer to the key and scale of the track. On the other hand, if you require more detailed editing, the powerful graphical editor has all of the tools necessary to adjust the pitch, timing, vibrato, formants, sibilance and more, with a slick, intuitive GUI that blends into your workflow. 

With our unique, proprietary SynchroLink technology, RePitch connects harmoniously with VocAlign Ultra, meaning every time your vocals are tuned in RePitch, VocAlign captures and re-aligns your backing vocals instantly; an industry-first in the vocal plugin world.

RePitch works in every major DAW, with ARA2 integration facilitating instant capture of vocal parts for editing, and VST, AU and AAX plugins making real-time capture almost effortless.

“RePitch is easy to use, sounds great and doesn’t stunt the creative flow. What more could you want!?” – Mike Avenaim, Producer / Mixer (Lil Nas X, Tori Kelly, Scott Weiland)


RePitch’s UI

RePitch, putting the UI in ‘intuitive’. When exploring RePitch’s user interface, we see a handful of icons which allows you to edit pitch in familiar ways; however, redesigned to make pitch editing a breeze. Here’s just some of the editing tools RePitch boasts:

Why RePitch?

From tuning whole words and phrases, to microscopic correction of individual syllables, and everything in between, RePitch has got you covered. Our aim with RePitch was to take the powerful functionality of Revoice Pro 4 and marry with the simplicity of VocAlign.

 “Synchro Arts have done it again! This bit of kit is so intuitive and thought out. Seems like there’s a new go-to pitch editor on the block.” – Lael Goldberg, Producer (Little Mix, Rita Ora, Niall Horan)

We developed RePitch to give producers and engineers around the globe a stand-out, tuning tool that integrates into their DAW and alongside our award-winning vocal alignment tool, VocAlign. 

“For me VocAlign has always been the secret weapon in fast professional vocal production, with a connection link from the new RePitch, the ability to edit a lead vocal knowing my harmonies will follow automatically is mind blowing.” – Alan Branch, Grammy-Award Winning Producer / Mixer (U2, The Cure, Jeff Beck)

Crucially, unlike some vocal correction plugins, RePitch only applies its processing when it’s absolutely necessary, leaving the rest of the signal unaltered.


How did RePitch come to be?

We assembled a collection of producers and engineers, who all told us the same thing when asked what they want in a pitch correction tool; totally natural sounding results, a speedy workflow and seamless DAW integration. This feedback, along with almost three decades of vocal processing experience, set us on a course to build a brand new pitch editor plugin that gives you both flexibility in vocal production and better sonically-sounding vocals.


Try RePitch today

Interested in giving RePitch a spin? You can get a free trial for 14 days. RePitch is now bundled with VocAlign Ultra for just $599 (saving of $49), and for our loyal Synchro Arts customers, you can get RePitch for just $199 (saving $50).


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