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ReVoice Pro Makes "The Best Software Tools to Simplify Mixing" List

Revoice Pro makes best software tools to simplify mixing

When it comes to getting vocals in sync then our products are the industry standard for both music and post.

VocALign has been a favourite for many years, but now it's big brother Revoice Pro is fast becomeing the new standard.

So we are pleased to be included in the Audiofanzine list of tools to simplify mixing. They say:

"Before mixing there's editing, which includes several rather cumbersome operations, like voice syncing. A task for which Revoice Pro (sibling of VocAlign) is unrivaled because it allows us to automatically sync several vocal tracks standardizing their pitch, timing and level variations. Plus, it can also generate very realistic-sounding doublings. The software is certainly not cheap, but it remains indispensable for professionals considering the amount of time it will save them. Also note that it is available for rent."

Why not try the demo today on your current project?

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