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Revoice Pro Wins Pitch Correction Software Comparison

In a recent Pro Tools Expert poll comparing pitch correction software, listeners chose Revoice Pro's output as the most preferred.

But besides providing fast, natural-sounding vocal tuning, Revoice Pro gives you other unbeatable, time-saving features:

  • Automatically match the timing and pitch of doubles, harmony tracks or ADR to your "polished" lead voices instantly, with a tightness you can control.
  • Generate realistic sounding mono or stereo doubles instantly.

Watch a video showing these great features here. 

You can try Revoice Pro 3.2 for 14 days and, to get you started, we have created new DAW-based Quick Start Guides for the most popular DAWs here.

See the details of the poll here, in which listeners chose between four vocal recordings: the tuned outputs from Revoice Pro and two other leading pitch correction applications, plus the original recording.


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