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Titan - Future Development, Sales and Support

For anyone who's not familiar with Titan, it's a very unique and highly specialized Synchro Arts product which contains a set of three processes for use in audio post production workflows. 

As it stands, Titan  4 will not run on macOS 10.15 Catalina and future versions of macOS. 

This is because macOS 10.15 removed support for 32 bit applications. Titan is dependent on a 32 bit component from a third party which is not compatible with macOS 10.15. 

TITAN  should  continue to work on older  versions of macOS as described below.  We are very keen to update TITAN, but that's currently out of our control. If the situation changes, we'll let TITAN users know right away. 

PLEASE NOTE, if you are purchasing TITAN now, or want to continue to use it you will need to provide and maintain  the following versions of software: 

  • macOS  10.14 or earlier. (Note it is not possible to install macOS 10.14 on a computer which is supplied with 10.15) 
  • iLok license manager 5.0.3 

We'll be reducing our support for TITAN in 2020 if nothing changes. This should not affect you if you are a prior user and you are able to maintain the above hardware and software components. 


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