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Using Revoice Pro For Instruments - Some Cool Uses For Guitars, Brass And More

Revoice Pro is fast becoming the ultimate vocal toolkit, offering the ability for the user to edit time, pitch and more. Many of the powerful tools available in Revoice Pro provide both automatic and manual editing allowing for both fast and forensic editing of audio. This is why more and more producers and engineers are choosing Revoice Pro as their goto tool for editing single, double-tracked and even stacks of vocals.

However, some producers have been using Revoice Pro for more than just vocals. We've pulled together some examples of how Revoice Pro can be used on guitars, brass and more.

Tighten Horn Tracks In Seconds With Revoice Pro

In our first tutorial from Eli Krantzberg at Production Expert, learn how it's possible to quickly and easily tighten up multiple horn section tracks with Revoice Pro 4, adding focus, clarity and punch to your overall sound without losing the feel. 

Eli uses our unique Audio Performance Transfer (APT) technology inside Revoice Pro which enables the timing of an alto sax to be applied to other instruments in the brass section in just a few clicks of the mouse.

You can of course quantize your audio using your DAW, but in this context, using an APT ensures you don't lose the vibe and flow of the original performance, keeping your music sounding natural and authentic. 

This video works with instruments from a brass section, but the results are equally as good with other sources like vocals and guitars for example.

Using The Smooth Join Tool On Guitars In Revoice Pro

In this next video Eli takes a look at our 'Smooth Join Tool' in Revoice Pro which enables pitch transitions between notes to be smoothed out to create seamless and transparent sounding phrasing.

To demonstrate this feature, Eli takes a short guitar lick and creates a new harmony part in Revoice Pro 4.1 by transposing it upwards and then Smooth Join is used to even out the newly created pitch contours for a fluid and natual sounding end result.

Edit A Guitar Part Using Revoice Pro Using The Powerful Warp Feature

For this video Eli says; "Revoice Pro 4.1 is well known for its premium pitch and time tools, and it’s meticulous preservation of the sound quality. Its artifact-free results make it an obvious choice for transparent pristine sounding corrective uses. But the precision pitch and timing tools are also superb when put to creative effect and not just on vocal or dialogue tracks."

This free video shows how fast and easy it is to get great sounding results using Revoice Pro 4.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

As you can see Revoice Pro can extend from vocals to other instruments. Although it is designed to work primarily with vocals, some experimentation and trial and error can yield impressive results.

In one case a Hollywood film composer used Revoice Pro to match an entire track to temp music and in the process saved a lot of time on a top movie. Read more about that here

If you have used either Revoice Pro or VocALign on instruments and got great results, then we would love to hear about it. Please feel free to contact us if you have a story.

If you'd like to try Revoice Pro click below to get your free 14-day trial.


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