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VocALign ARA2 For Logic Pro X Public Beta

We're extremely pleased to announce that public beta versions of our VocALign Project and Pro ARA2 plugins for Logic have just been published online so VocALign users can try them out before the full release. You can can find download links at the bottom of this page but please make sure you read the instructions below before installing. 

What is ARA?

In case you missed it, ARA or Audio Random Access is a revolutionary audio plug-in extension that enables unprecedented instant communication between ARA-enabled plug-ins and DAWs.

Why is ARA useful? 

The huge benefit for VocALign users is that real-time audio capture is no longer necessary. With ARA2, the workflow goes like this:

Please note that the above video shows operation with VocALign Pro, but the basic process is the same with VocALign Project, you just need to capture the dubs separately. 

To summarise, your guide and dub are sent to VocALign by:

  • First selecting the audio tracks in Logic. 
  • Then press <Play> followed quickly by <Stop> in Logic.
  • Next select the Guide audio and press the Capture Guide button in VocALign.
  • Lastly, select the Dub audio in Logic and press the Capture Dub button in VocALign.

The Dub audio will be instantly aligned to the Guide and automatically returned to Logic Pro X. 

The whole process takes just a few seconds. 

What’s more, in VocALign Pro you can select, capture and align multiple dubs at the same time. 

VocALign ARA AU Installation Procedure

Due to how Apple have chosen to implement ARA, there are currently a few extra steps necessary to install our ARA plug-ins in Logic:

  1. Install the beta version(s) using the links at the bottom of this page  
  2. Start Logic
  3. In Logic, open any project or create an empty one
  4. Add the basic (non-ARA) VocALign AU version as an insert to any track in the project, at this stage you will not see the VocALign ARA version(s)
  5. Quit Logic without saving
  6. Restart Logic. Logic should now recognize both the AU and ARA versions of the plug-in(s) and they should both appear in Logic’s plug-in manager. The ARA version of a plug-in has '(ARA)' appended to its name.

Important note

Before you start trying our VocALign ARA2 plugins for Logic, please make sure you read the instructions.

Most importantly remember to to press <Play> followed quickly by <Stop> in Logic Pro before clicking either <Capture Guide> or <Capture Guide> in VocALign. This is a requirement unique to Logic and it ensures that any ARA2 plugins are kept up to date with changes to your project.



We hope you enjoy using VocALign ARA2 in Logic and please get in contact with us if you have any questions or issues, we're here to help. 

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