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VocAlign Ultra—included as one of the “Plugins Of The Decade” from Production Expert

“Plugins Of The Decade” from Production Expert 

Over the past decade, Production Expert has emerged as one of the most visited online destinations for music and post-production enthusiasts. Production Expert caters to a diverse range of creators, from novices to Grammy-winning producers with a unique blend of tips, tricks, online video tutorials, and news.

When Production Expert reviews products, you can be sure that you’re getting insights from professionals. Products are tested rigorously in real-world environments and the results are always honest and accurate. That’s why we’re so excited about VocAlign Ultra’s recognition on the “Plugins Of The Decade” list.


What makes VocAlign Ultra so special?

  • Perfectly align one or more vocal tracks automatically
  • Get the flexibility to control how ‘tight’ your alignment is
  • SmartAlign intelligently recognizes where alignment should start and end—great for multiple, broken-up vocal stabs and harmonies
  • Saves time (on average 13 hours per month) cutting, splicing and dragging multiple tracks around
  • Get instant, professional results that speed up your workflow considerabl
  • Get presets for numerous alignment situations (that are also customizable!)


There are many reasons for VocAlign Ultra's inclusion on the Production Expert “Plugins Of The Decade” list. The main one is simple—easy, precise vocal alignments with advanced editing control. 

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