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Shortly after releasing VocAlign Ultra, ​our users informed us of an issue with upgrades.

If you upgraded from VocAlign Project or Pro to VocAlign Ultra, your Project or Pro license was revoked as part of the upgrade process. 

This prevented you opening old sessions which contained VocALign Pro or Project.

To fix this, we have changed our licensing policy and procedures for upgrading to VocAlign Ultra from VocAlign Pro or Project. This ONLY applies to purchases before 25 January 2021.

If you purchased an upgrade which resulted in you losing access to VocAlign Pro or Project, complete the form below and we will put a new license group in your account which contains a license for VocAlign Ultra and the VocALign you upgraded from.

Your request can take up to two business days to complete.

Please note: You must have an iLok 2 or later USB key if you want to continue using VocALign Pro 4 after upgrading to Ultra.

New VocAlign Ultra License Request Form