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How to use the VocALign VST3 plug-ins with Adobe Audition CC.

You must use VocALign Project 3.1.3 VST or VocALign Pro 4.2.3 VST or later with Audition. Earlier versions of VocAlign Project and VocAlign Pro will not work correctly.

The screen shots in this note use VocALign Project 3 as an example. The operating steps are the same for VocALign Pro 4.

1) Install the VST3 version of VocALign to your computer.

2) In Audition choose Effects->Audio Plug-in Manager and click the button 'Scan for Plug-ins'. You should see something similar to the image below.

3) Next you need to add VocALign as an effect to the track that contains your Dub Audio. In the example below we are using  the track that has been named 'Dub'.

The image below shows how the plug-in will appear in Audition. 

4)  Next you need to activate the side chain in VocALign. In the plug-in's window click the 'Side Chain' button (3rd icon from the top left of the window) and set it to 'Mono'. See below...

5) Now you need to route the Guide track to VocALign's side chain. In Audition, click the 'Mixer' tab and then route the Guide track's Send to  VocALign's Side-Chain. See below...

After you have done this you should see something similar to the image below...

5) Now switch back to the 'Editor' tab in Audition. Set Audition's playhead at the start of the audio that you want to capture. Click the button 'Capture Audio' in VocALign and press Play in Audition. You will hear the audio being played and see the playhead moving in VocALign. The green lamp in VocALign will also start to blink.  

Stop playing when you have played the audio that you need.

After you have stopped replay you should see your audio in VocAlign's window. See below...

Click the button 'Edit' in VocALign to see the Aligned audio. You may need to trim the selected audio in VocALign by using the orange and blue arrows 

Pressing Play in Audition will replay the aligned Dub audio. To hear the original Dub, bypass the plug-in.

For more details on using the VocALign plug-ins please see the manuals at www.synchroarts.com/downloads