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To move Synchro Arts software across computers:

Download the latest iLok License Support Installer from www.ilok.com

Run the iLok License Support Installer on your new computer, to install the necessary iLok drivers and iLok License Manager software that will let you run your Synchro Arts software and manage your iLok license on your new computer. 

If you use VocALign Project and you activated your license on your computer, you will need to move your license back to your iLok account, then activate it on your new computer. This article will guide you to the correct procedure.

Download the appopriate installer for your Synchro Arts software from our Downloads page at https://www.synchroarts.com/downloads/  and run it on your new computer to install your software.

You can use the menus at the top of the page to find the download that is specific to your Product, OS and DAW/Editor:

If you encounter any difficulty, please email support@synchroarts.com for assistance.