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The ARA version only runs in LOGIC PRO 10.5.1 and higher.

But, if you have Logic Pro 10.5.1,  once you’ve installed VocAlign Ultra, you’ll need to perform these “one-time” additional steps in Logic Pro to be able to use the ARA version:

  1. Launch Logic Pro X and open any project or create an empty project.
  2. Add VocAlign Ultra AU as an insert effect to any track in the project.
  3. Quit Logic Pro X without saving.
  4. The next time you run Logic Pro X, VocAlign Ultra (ARA) should appear in Logic’s Plug-in Manager and Audio FX menus under ‘Synchro Arts’

Note - this issue is fixed in Logic Pro 10.6.1 and above.

Remember that ARA plug-ins must be activated in the first Audio FX insert position in your Logic track.
Please see this article for more information.