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iLok Server Not Authorized - A license to run the iLok Server cannot be found...

This message can occur if you visited the "Server Admin" section of your iLok License Manager's network preferences settings. To resolve this you will need to delete this features preferences files. The steps to do this are as follows:

 1) Quit iLok License Manager, if currently running, as well as any other binary that would be using our protection
 2) Go to the Start Menu
 3) In the search field type in “services” (without quotes)
 4) Choose “Services” from the search results
 5) Within the Services window, look for “PACE License Services”
 6) Right-click it and choose “Stop” from the drop-down menu
 7) Leaving the Services window open, open a Windows File Explorer window
 8) Navigate to the following location: C > ProgramData > PACE > Eden
 9) Delete all ”.prefs” files found there, then close the Windows File Explorer window
 10) Return to the Services window
 11) Right-click “PACE License Services”, and choose “Start” from the pop-up menu
 12) Reboot the system
If the error persists after following the steps above carefully, please contact iLok Support by opening a support ticket at https://www.ilok.com/#!support