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Unfortunately, Synchro Arts have found issues in Logic Pro X 10.4.2 which prevent Revoice Pro 4 (and other third-party plugins) from utilising the ARA2 protocol effectively and to the high standard of performance we feel Logic Pro X users expect.

Many of these issues are caused by the need to always press playback to synchronise the ARA2 plug-in with Logic Pro X. 

In several scenarios this will mean losing work done in ARA2 plug-ins.

One way ARA plug-in data can be lost is by using the following steps:

  • Open a Logic Project which contains ARA plug-ins. If you do not press play you will notice your edits are not displayed in the plug-in.
  • Without pressing play close the project and select the save option.
  • When you re-open the session you will probably find the edits are lost in the ARA plug-in.

We have, reluctantly, decided to delay releasing our Revoice Pro 4 ARA2 interface for Logic Pro X until a way is found to avoid the loss of user edits .

We have notified Apple of our findings and hope the issues will be fixed in a future release of Logic Pro X.

Update 14 December 2018: The issues persist in Logic Pro X 10.4.3.

Update 17 January 2019: The issues persist in Logic Pro X 10.4.4. 

Update 20 June 2019: The issues persist in Logic Pro X 10.4.5.

Update 11 July 2019: The issues persist in Logic Pro X 10.4.6.