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On occasion, Studio One 4 software may not recognise newly installed plug-ins.

This procedure will force Studio One to rescan installed plug-ins.

Please try the following steps:


  1. Exit Studio One 4 software (if it is running)
  2. Open a Windows Explorer window
  3. In the address bar, type:   %AppData%
  4. Open the PreSonus folder
  5. Open the Studio One 4 folder
  6. Open the x64 folder
  7. Delete Plugins-en.settings
  8. Launch Studio One 4


  1. Exit Studio One 4 software (if it is running)
  2. switch to the Finder
  3. in the Finder, go to the Go menu and choose Go to Folder… 
  4. copy this address exactly as it is:   ~/Library/ Application Support/Presonus Software
  5. in the Go to the folder: window that will open, paste:   ~/Library/ Application Support/Presonus Software
  6. in the Presonus Software folder, open the Studio One 4 folder
  7. in the Studio One 4 folder, open the x64 folder
  8. in the x64 folder, delete Plugins-en.settings
  9. Launch Studio One 4