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The message:

The code redemption limit has been reached. Please enter a different code.

appears after entering the Activation Code you received from Synchro Arts:

Please do not panic, as this is not really an issue.

Click OK to dismiss the message and read on.

Please note that it is not necessary (or possible) to enter an Activation Code more than once when installing or reinstalling a Synchro Arts product.

If the above message appears, the Activation Code has already been used; there is nothing to worry about because your iLok license is safe in your iLok account, and available to be moved onto an activation location. An activation location is a place where the license can be recognised when launching the software, like an iLok USB key.

Please log onto your iLok account using iLok License Manager software and click the Available button.

(If you cannot see the buttons, expand the iLok License Manager window horizontally until the buttons will appear.)

Click your available license to select it - it will highlight in blue - and choose Activate in the Licenses menu:

- OR -

right-click your available license and choose Activate in the menu that will open:

This window below will open, for you to Select an activation location (in the lower pane) among the available destinations.

(Note: If you are activating Revoice Pro 4, you will not be able to choose a 1st generation iLok, as it is not supported. Revoice Pro 4 activation only supports 2nd and 3rd generation iLoks and iLok Cloud.)

Select your desired destination iLok - it will highlight in blue - and click the Activate button:

The Confirm Activation window will appear; click the OK button to complete the activation process. 

You should no longer see prompts to activate your Synchro Arts software or enter an Activation Code.

If you are authorising Revoice Pro 4, you have the option of using iLok Cloud activation. If you would rather choose this option, for example because you do not own an iLok USB key - but you have an active internet connection - please follow the instructions in this article.

Please note: an active iLok Cloud Session requires an active internet connection for Revoice Pro 4 to run.

If after activating your license you still get activation prompts when you launch Revoice Pro 4, you need to update your iLok License Manager software. Please follow the suggestions in this article to resolve.