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How to use the VocAlign VST 3 plug-in with SONAR X3

The screen shots in this description use VocALign Project 3, the operating steps are the same for VocAlign Pro 3.

1) Add VocALign as an effect in the track which contains your Dub audio. (In this example its is the second track which has been named Dub.)

This image shows how the plug-in will appear.

You now need to send audio from the Guide track into the VocALign side chain input.

You should now see the following send in the Guide track.

Now set the SONAR playhead at the start of the area you want to capture, select Capture Audio in VocAlign and press Play in SONAR.

You will hear audio being played and see the playhead move in VocALign. Stop playing when the audio you want to process has been played.


You should see your audio in the VocAlign window.

Press Edit to view the aligned audio. You may need to trim your selected audio in VocALign using the orange and blue arrows.

If you press play in SONAR you will hear the aligned audio. To hear the original Dub audio bypass the plug-in. 

For more details on using VocALign see the manual at www.synchroarts.com/downloads