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Please note Pro Tools 10 is not supported by Revoice Pro 4.3 and later. This FAQ applies to Revoice Pro 4.2 and earlier.

You may see the following dialog box when starting Pro Tools 10

Move Unauthorized Plug-Ins

You should select Yes

Revoice Pro installs two plug-ins for Pro Tools:

  • An Audio Suite Plug-in that is compatible with Pro Tools 9 and 10.
  • An AAX Audio Suite plug-in that is only compatible with Pro Tools 11 and higher.

Pro Tools 10 may try to load the aax plug-in, however this is a 64 bit plug-in that only works with Pro Tools 11 and later. Pro Tools 10 assumes the plug-in is damaged.

If you run Pro Tools 11 on your system you will need to move the plug-in back from the "Plug-In (Unused)" folder.