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DAW Integration

Revoice Pro is a stand-alone program which uses multiple methods for integrating with DAWs.

Revoice Pro does some things nothing else does. Because of this, we have had to make it work a little differently from anything else you'll have used.

However, we've done our best to make it work with your favourite DAWs and, once you understand a few basic concepts, you'll find it very easy and fast to use.

More importantly, even though have to move audio into and out of Revoice Pro - it will still save you hours of time and get your productions sounding how you want.

Why is Revoice Pro a stand-alone program?

Revoice Pro DAW Integration

Revoice Pro has been deliberately developed as a stand-alone program, because there are significant speed and operational advantages over the restrictions of pure plug-in environments. These advantages include:

  • The ability to implement¬†and load audio into multi-input processes and process many tracks at the same time.
  • A novel and effective “region-based processing" approach to audio processing in which inputs to processing modules are inserted where required along the timeline in Process Control Tracks and can have different settings along the same track.
  • Simple, one-key controls of a “process-based auditioning” for rapidly auditioning combinations of input and output signals to check the quality of modifications.
  • Modifications to Guide tracks can be automatically passed on to all tracks related to those Guides
  • Support for a multi-track and multi-process environment with no limits on timecode positions and over 100 tracks - giving you maximum flexibility and speed of operations.
  • Revoice Pro also allows multiple sessions to be open or one session open in multiple windows. For example, you can have multiple processing sessions open simultaneously and multiple views of any of those sessions.
  • A consistent working environment inside Revoice Pro regardless of audio source.

How do you get audio in and out of Revoice Pro from your DAW?

In Revoice Pro's installer, you get several Revoice Pro Link plug-ins as one type of option for conveniently getting audio into (and, for some DAWs, out of) Revoice Pro.

Some DAWs have better integration with Revoice Pro than others - but we are constantly trying to work with DAW manufacturers to improve the workflow experience.

Revoice Pro DAW Integration Page - Quick APT
Revoice Pro Plug-ins
  • Audio Suite Link, Quick APT and Quick Doubler plug-ins for Pro Tools 10 and below.
  • AAX Audio SuiteLink, Quick APT and Quick Doubler plug-ins for Pro Tools 11 and up:
  • VST3 for Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One, and others
  • AU for Logic Pro and other DAWs using AU plug-ins.
  • VST3/ARA2 for Studio One
Audio Transfers Using OS File System
  • Fast Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop:- for some DAWs including Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Studio One, etc.
  • Import / Export .wav files for all DAWs
Revoice Pro DAW Integration

DAW-specific information

  • More details are given in the Revoice Pro User Guide and Video Tutorials.
  • You can choose the methods that work with your DAWs that make your workflow as fast and easy as possible.

Audio Transfer Options from Revoice Pro to DAWs

Working method will depend on capabilities of DAW.

  • Instantly Drag and Drop processed audio from Revoice Pro into your DAW
    • Select the audio you want to export and drag and drop into your Audio Editor or computer file system
  • Use Audio Suite / AAX plug-ins (Pro Tools only)
  • Export multiple tracks from Revoice Pro
    • Contains timecode stamps - Audio files can be dragged into most Digital Audio Editors instantly and positioned to timecode
    • Optionally use Playback Region to select range of exported audio
    • Automatic track name formation
    • Optionally export all selected audio tracks into one multi-channel audio file

Key Environment Features