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What's New in V3.3

Summary of New Features
  • Quick APT, Doubler and Warp modes for Studio One
  • Selection based processing with Logic Pro X
  • Enhancements to level editing in Warp Process
  • Better quality time and pitch editing
  • Improved pitch and time editing tools: including display of average pitch
  • Map of editing strength in APT and Warp process outputs
  • File Export dialog tracks names can be added to audio files
  • Spot & Move Files to custom time code
  • Many improvements have been made to operations and speed


For full details see User Guide and Video: What's New in V3.3

Summary of New Features in V3.2
  • Real time preview of note pitch : in Warp and APT processes (with optional reference track(s) playback)
  • Library of musical scale and pitch grids
  • Tempo grids: can be displayed and loaded from MIDI files
  • New Transient Detector: in Warp process
  • Improved pitch and time editing tools
  • New Presets in APT and Doubler processes
  • Studio One: Fast Copy & Paste from Studio One to Revoice Pro
  • Digital Performer: Support for DP 8 and 9 on OS X see Using Revoice Pro and Digital Performer
  • Many improvements have been made to operations and speed
Summary of New Features in V3.1
  • Manual Pitch Editing Tools: with hot-keys support
  • Track Group Controls: supports group creation, display, solo and mute
  • New APT functions: Align using pitch values (for legato phrases)
  • A/B Comparison: of different process settings on output audio
  • Multicore background processing: speeds up large session editing
  • Interface and Operational Improvements: more intuitive and faster


For full details see User Guide

Summary of New Features in Revoice Pro 3.0
  • Manual Pitch and Time Warping of audio – intuitive, easy to select and manipulate time and pitch and maintain the highest quality.
  • Pitch correction functions – select modes over any range, with automatic snap to pitch grid options.
  • Time-variable Pitch transfer parameters – graphically vary pitch tightness, offset and transfer strength to control the APT function’s processing.
  • Unique power to create and change stacked tight vocals - change a Guide signal’s timing or pitch, and all related output tracks follow the changes automatically.
  • Interface improvements - Simpler, cleaner, faster and easier to understand and use.
  • Stunning audio quality – processing can produce totally transparent time and pitch adjustments.
  • AU Monitor plug-in - plays Revoice Pro’s output through AU stereo insert and tracks DAW’s playback in same way as Revoice Pro’s RTAS and VST3 monitor plug-ins.
  • Enhanced Doubler – can modify timing of output and has longer and negative time delay up +/- 200 ms.
  • Add Audio Files using Mac or Win directory accessed by RIGHT CLICKing in track.
  • Revoice Pro 3 can open Revoice Pro 2 files.
  • Operations documented with more DAWs:
    • Transfer audio to Logic Pro faster. Studio One, Ableton Live (Mac) are confirmed (see www.SynchroArts.com)
    • Hundreds of improvements and fixes - simplify and speed up learning and using.

Detailed New Features

  • Preset processing parameters can be selected in New Process window before creating process.
  • Move audio from Cubase and Nuendo using Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop
  • In place Warp Region function - allows changes to signal in its track.
  • Warp points can be added to Input signals and APT and Doubler Output signals Warp Note Detector identifies transition groups which are drawn in another colour.
  • When you modify a note the connected transition zones are modified to keep the start and ends connected to the note being moved.
  • Pitch/Time editing - Can select multiple notes with mouse "lasso" and adjust as one group
  • Drag pitch blocks up/down with alt key pressed - blocks move in semitone jumps
  • Automatic Pitch correction to absolute grid (in Menu)
  • Auto Spot - Menu option - option is now global to the application rather than stored in each document.
  • Improvement to pitch and time editing interface
  • Improved note separator
  • Doubler has negative time options +/- 200 ms
  • APT- Pitch Tolerance, Transfer Strength and Offset parameters are now time variable.
  • New "High Res Mode" (High Resolution) in APT, Warp and Doubler - improves quality and fixes issues in pure high frequency signals.
  • Rewire has been removed. There are Revoice Pro output plug-ins for AudioSuite, AAX, VST 3 and Audio Unit hosts for Monitoring Revoice Pro output and tracking playback in host.
  • Can adjust Level slider controls by clicking control icon and rotating mouse wheel without selecting slider. For pan hold SHIFT down. Press Alt and Click to "reset".
  • New "Add Audio File" in RIGHT CLICK in Track menu
  • Multiple audio regions can be selected
    • LEFT CLICK a first region and SHIFT LEFT CLICK a last region to select all regions from first to last.
    • Cmd (Mac) / Ctrl (Win) RIGHT CLICK to select multiple individual regions
    • Can Delete multiple regions
    • Create New Process can use selected regions in each input track to set process input ranges
    • Export by drag and drop using selected regions in track.
  • Dozens of other improvements and bug fixes