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In rare Pro Tools systems the Revoice Pro link module is not connecting to Revoice Pro. Fixed

  • Logic Crash in Revoice Pro Link - Fixed
  • Copy audio from Revoice, paste back into Revoice causes crash - FixedCrash
  • Crash with Logic in Revoice Pro AU plug-in - Test code added.

Click in Warp/APT output Fixed

Support for layers in Studio One 3.5.1 (In copy and paste)

  • OS X Error in layout of Doubler phase lock control 
  • AAX Plug-in static CRVPGlobalUpdateCounter *pGlobalUpdateCounter = NULL if the plug-in is initialised twice at the same time the second instance delete the first instances copy of the object

  Move pGlobalUpdateCounter into Link_HostProcessor also there are some un initialised member variables in the class which are now set.

  • Create warp process. On output display context menu. Contact menu shows Remove Warp Region - if you select this get crash. (Remove warp region should not be displayed. on the output of a process. Fixed Behaviour of Make / Remove warp region menu item modified. No longer displayed for process output.
  • Start dragging warp pitch block. With mouse down press p key - get assert on next mouse move message. Simple fix added to void CDataSetValue::Update( - just exit if drag has stopped.
  • If two documents open, start background processing on one document, modify pitch on other document gfMutiThreaded will be set to false, which causes background thread to use AppProgressSingleThread. Fixed - Remove gfMutiThreaded now use code to detect we are on the main thread.
  • Warp Process - Join Tool - undo not always started, occurs if the user presses the mouse down over a none joinable blocks, then drags over joinable blocks.
  • Click in Process Area to display new process panel Mouse Position is checked in the popup menu even if another input has been selected. Fixed
  • When the window is first drawn the text in the top axis is several pixels higher than after it gets re-drawn, this results in a corrupted text display until all the axis is re-drawn. Fixed (Problem with SAL::CFont::m_fDescender not being initalized before first drawing pass)
  • Setting Windows SMPTE input field, will now ignore sub frames field, this means you can enter times codes operated by . for example will result in 01:00:00:00
  • OS X - help system title still set to 3.2 - fixed
  • OS X - Release version has wrong version number in main application 
  • Windows Simple slider in popup mode capturing mouse - this is not correct if the control is being used in none popup mode, as it stops any other controls from getting focus Fixed.
  • Create session with groups - save then revert to saved - crash - ClearSession is not clearing track groups. Fixed 
  • Windows in single track mode - restore from time machine - crash. Fixed. (Note single track mode flag is not saved in the session)
  • Manual - Snape to note - says alt key should be ctrl after mouse press for window  Fixed
  • Windows - in track contains audio crash when trying to display Y scale slider. (This is to to with automatic scale selection.) Fixed 
  • Its possible for a popup window to be closed during paint messages that can result in an invalid window handle when we try and point it. Test added for invalid handles.

Change in the way VFPopupSlider works - now keeps focus - click outside closed the control. This should avoid the invalid window handle problem.

Scale mode selector control now has a read only mode. UI display is changed.

  • If Show Only Selected Process Display is not set the displays for an unlocked warp region are not displayed. This is due to changes which implemented the auto switch between pitch and level. 
  • Plug-in install in manual needs to be corrected. - Done
  • Cubase - drag from Media bin - causes crash because projectTime is not set in VST_XML - Fixed will now display a spot dialog.
  • Windows creator edition - Revoice cannot display dialog box Seen on clean 8.1 install if no iLok Program does not appear to start until iLok is plug-in no messages box is displayed. (Not repeatable.)
  • Drag from Cubase - no file name is provided in the VST clipboard information. Seems to be related to some mode of time stretching.)
  • Make Revoice window full screen. Press close - crash. During sequence updateFrame: is called with self.document set to nil. Fixed
  • Set up Monitor plug-in in Logic, Set up Warp region in Revoice. Start playing a loop. Close Revoice window while playing - crash. Fixed 

Key features

Click on the links for further information.

Detailed Feature List

Control and Operation Changes

  • Quick APT, Quick Doubler, Quick Warp, Copy and Paste - work with Studio One
    • Edit - Copy Selected Process Output (Cmd + Shift + O)- copy selected process output to the clip board.
    • Edit - Copy All Process Outputs (Cmd + Shift + L) - copy the output of all process to the clip board.
    • Copy & paste to from Studio One now includes tempo and track information.
    • Shortcut key previously used for Deselect All - Cmd (ctrl) shift + A now used for Quick APT.
  • New work flow with Logic using Selection Based Processing - allows fast capture of multiple regions. Note code auto trims silence from the end of the captured audio.
  • Solo tracks with selected audio, start playing at first selected region or selected play area. Shift + space
  • Spot file to custom timecode added when dropping file into Revoice
  • Export File - control added to position the track name in output file. Also allows the track name not to be added. Track name can be added to single track export.
  • Preferences
  • Auto Save added to Windows build. (Not multi threaded, auto saves every 5 minutes)
  • Move To - allows audio to be moved to a specific position
  • Windows - Horizontal Zoom using horizontal scroll + Alt and Ctrl keys. (If only vertical scroll wheel use Shift+Alt+Ctrl)
  • Horizontal Zoom is now continuous not discreet, when loading old documents zoom may go to default value
  • Warp Process
    • default transients display to off
    • display of note and cents when moving note.
    • when horizontal lock is enabled allow rotation of the group (Pitch drift.)
    • switch between level and pitch editing by pressing S key. (You do not need to enable level display in process settings.)
    • Pitch and level editing displays are not shown at the same time. Pitch and dB grid are automatically selected
    • live preview of the audio when editing level.
    • pressing alt key when editing level causes the level to move in 3 db increments. (ctrl key on windows)
    • dB Grid added to Level editing display in Warp and APT
  • New File Menu command Clear Default Session will delete the default template session created by the Save As Default Session command.

Windows 32 build missing VCOMP120.dll from installer - Fixed

• Additional error messages when trying to AddAudioFile to session error message blank - Fixed.

• Update the plug-in install section in manual.

• Revoice Pro will fail to open any windows but display its menu it the Verdana font is disabled. - Test added, will write warning to console but continue.
• Studio One copy/paste if the file path contains an & it is not converted to & in the studio One xml output which cause our XML parser to exit with an incomplete regions. This then causes a exception in AddPositionBeats - Fixed will now fail correctly.
• Studio One will fix the error in the original VST-XML data in the next release.

• Revoice Pro will fail to open any windows but display its menu it the Verdana font is disabled. - Test added, will write warning to console but continue.
• Studio One copy/paste if the file path contains an & it is not converted to & in the studio One xml output which cause our XML parser to exit with an incomplete regions. This then causes a exception in AddPositionBeats - Fixed will now fail correctly.

• Crash if dragging from Studio one if the position of the source audio is at zero. Fixed

• Additional error messages when trying to AddAudioFile to session.
• OS X error message displayed if plug-in communications fails to start.

Note the AudioSuite plug-in version number has not been incremented. Its at 3.2.1(1)

• Error in CRhythmDetector::Run - results in an access past the end of an array. Needs to be fixed
• Crash reported in CRVPInterProcessComms::WatchdogTask(void)
Application Specific Information:
abort() called
terminating with uncaught exception of type boost::interprocess::interprocess_exception: No such file or directory
Add exception handler around code.
This may fix the crash but will the plug-in work?
Update - plug-ins not working memory mapped file cannot be created.

Note the AudioSuite plug-in version number has not been incremented. Its at 3.2.1(1)

• Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste now working correctly with variable tempo and time signature sessions from Cubase, Nuendo and Studio One.
• Drag and Drop working with Studio one on OS X

• MIDI time code denominators are store as a power of 2 - Fixed
• Beats to Bar Beat converter fixes. (Problems spotting from Cubase with variable time signature)
• Crash when dragging file from Cubase when MIDI map is active, caused by doing off end of event array in CTempoMap::AddPositionBeats
• This also seems to the cause of a timing error, if the audio being added is after the last tempo event. Fixed
• Drag drop code - only check utf8 format - which stops Studio One working in drag drop mode. (Paste was also checked utf16) Fixed

• Drag and Drop file to Revoice, if Spot dialog is displayed and “Play Head” is selected, setting is ignores if “Apply To All Files” is not set. Fixed

• Press end or start key when a process create dialog has focus - causes crash. Fixed 

• If process setting has focus q key always sent to last text field - text fields are not de-selecting. Fixed
• Double short cut key for Warp Point Tool not defined. Fixed
• New Presets Gaps in Dub Slightly Loose Time & Pitch, Mono Vocal Short Delay (Val Garay), Stereo Vocal Short Delay (Val Garay)
• 96000 K Audio 4:30 long caused crash. Fixed
• Remove artificial maximum length of alignment for Revoice Pro. The maximum length of alignment used to be just over 5 minutes. It is now limited by the amount memory on the user's computer.
• Modification to OS X pacefusion.config file.
• Link to new video in the manual

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 10 Released 2016-03-31

• Live Pitch Preview - select multiple blocks - if the first block is sibilance you will not hear the pitch change as the blocks are moved up and down. (Looks like the pitch change may not have been correctly calculated.) Fixed.
• Click above or below sibilance area, hear live preview. Probably too complex to fix.
• Prototype drag drop from DP - file management needs to be done correctly -
• Files drag to DP file are named Revoice Pro, regions name in file are set to RevoicePro, changed to file name.
• Create Doubler - drag input to new track - crash - Fixed
• Changing presets in a Doubler process now updates all the auto parameters.
• Fixed a display problem for the average delay (Mac only)
• Stopped saving the warp points with presets. (Saving the warp points in a preset caused a '*' to appear against the preset's name unnecessarily )
• The RVP programme crashes if the XML file for the plug-ins does not exist. Added test to make sure that the xml file is present before continuing to check the plug-ins.
• CTimelineElement::OpenRead Null check added. (Crash report from Burhanuddin Herrmann <studiotables@mac.com>)

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 9 Released 2016-03-22

• Group Panel - New group - Auto scroll group list to new group and started editing the name.
• Windows Stop play back before displaying modal dialogs.
• UI becoming unresponsive while playing with continue scrolling enabled and a large number of tracks - Fixed. (Update message sent via timer.)
• New Beat detector. Beats display tracks warp points. but not changes to note length.
• Windows - Warp point cursor.
• Log keyboard commands used
• Windows 64 Bit lua_pushinteger(L, (long)pEditor); - results in truncation of address in SelectAudioSuiteDocument- can cause host editor to crash or lock. This is in earlier version of Revoice !
• OS X VST 3 plug-ins crashing Cubase and Studio one - need to disable Implicitly Link Objective-C Runtime Support in all plug-ins!
• New Spot Audio dialog. Now supports Spot to user timecode. Auto Spot menu rearranged and renamed Stop Files, Auto Spot to User Timecode added.
• Plug-in installer code not working on 10.6 - Fixed.
• End and Start key how displaying correctly if Page Scroll mode is selected. Fixed
• When Scale dialog displayed- Tuning Reference frequency is not displayed. Fixed
• In Preference window “Auto Play when editing” renamed Enable Tuning Preview
• OS X Create multiple doubler processes using Preset - all processes created on same track . Fixed (Old pointer to track panel used after a DocReload)
• Windows Create multiple Doublers with Preset - possible for last n-1 processes to be create in the wrong tracks. - Not Fixed.
• Live preview on sibilance, plays if you click anywhere on the Y axis. To Fix
• * displayed when you select a preset even though values have not been changed.

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 8 Released 2016-02-26

• OS X AudioSuite plug-in not working. This is because last version contained a partial 32 bit version which was being loaded in preference.
• OS X - 32 bit plug-ins and executable not being make correctly.
• Windows - error in playback - added during development of tuning preview - Fixed
• Windows - Word area editing and process name editing - crash when control losses focus. - Fixed
• New control on transport areas - Master Volume or Tuning Preview, sets the function of the volume control below.
• New Fusion SDK beta release

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 7 Released 2016-02-19

• OS X - Now build code makes disk image - disk image layout modified.
• WARNING: 140: This application, or a library it uses, is using the deprecated Carbon Component Manager for hosting Audio Units. - Fixed
• Line preview added to APT Pitch output.
• Disable group controls in Doubler output trace.
• Select and Deselect all added to editor menu with short cut keys.
• Process context menu “P” added to Setting menu item.
• Play head click / drag and double click to position operations only work if no modifier key is pressed. This allows modifier key operation to work at the play head location. (e.g. Shift click to add warp point.).
• Home - End keys moves play position to start and end of audio. On OSX laptop use fn+left arrow and fn+right arrow
• Mixer window removed from OS X version.
• Feature use reporting - sends reports to www.synchroarts.com
• Tuning Preview - strange noise played if all values selected with Select All. Fixed
• Dataset context menu - SELECT sub menu removed - operations are now in the Edit menu.

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 6 Released 2016-02-03

• Updated preview playback in warp.
• Warp Preview - if audio is currently playing Warp preview audio is mixed into the current audio.
• Assert in DrawGroupEdgeRotateDiagram removed - triggered if left edge of note off screen.
• Example from Jeff "Multitrack Demo Love Me" Blocks before first warp point can be moved before the end of previous blocks. This is because CalculateOriginalValue and CalculateCurrentValue difference - CalculateCurrentValue gets the VisibleStartEdge as the calculation anchor CalculateOriginalValue gets the HardStartEdge - this causes a difference in the ratio values resulting in CalculateCurrentValue and CalculateOriginalValue not being the inverse of each other.
AddHardEndEdge and AddHardStartEdge remove m_CurrentPoints array

Simple Version
Possible to move notes so that they overlap previous and next notes - Fixed ! (What have we broken!)
• Moved to Xcode 7.2 - Lots of fixes to suppress warning such as -Wno-unused-local-typedef -Wno-deprecated-declarations
• Upgrade to Eden 3
• Upgrade to Lua 5.3.2
• Windows get_wmi_class_attribute - stack corruption found. Guard coded added (Not the best fix!
• Windows installer set for Major upgrade mode to prevent problem with install not completing. (Install starts to run again when you select Revoice.)
• New sibilance playback code - using jittery ’round robin’
• Locate folder not displaying our controls or prompt in El Capitan. Also issue with title - Fixed
• Error in CDataSetEditor::ScaleDataSetValue( if Y value is DBL_MAX get scales to 1 then to 6568.5522604191256 as we convert 1 back to frequency. Causes sibilance to be marked as having a frequency of 6568.5522604191256 - Fixed - here and two other locations

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 5 (Released only to Jeff)

• Pitch display - only draw average level line for notes, not transitions.
• Transient detector called in CWarpProcess::ProcessAudio , slows down pitch tools. Moved to filter stage.
• Clicking outside selected display will now select unselected audio. - Disabled code that allows selection of invisible audio regions in CAudioGraphElements::FindVisibleElement( at line 868
• Modification to interlocks in mouse down. Windows version was not the same as Mac.
• Check For Updates - Check website for update information
• Switch to hide all but channel 1 Tracks -> Show Only Channel 1 Audio - default to off
• Automation added to Doubler. -We need to warn used about miss use. Changing parameters quickly will leads to artefacts. Multi channel operation.
• Formant slider range increased from 10 to 15
• Split Audio Channels - menu added - when enabled multiplexed field are split across multiple tracks. If not enabled all channels are displayed in one track (Default old behaviour).
• Revised preview playback in warp
• OS X version checks plug-ins are up to date and will install plug-ins if required. Remove plug-in installer from .dmg image.
• Smooth Join Tool
Operation changed.
Now draws a box around the joins - joins are smoothed when the mouse is released - NOT as the mouse is dragged.
This allows you to guarantee all joins in an areas are modified. (Current version may skip joins due to mouse speed) (From Oleg)

• OS X only - Find in Warp Process Preview of 3.3 ?
• Y Accelerator key for selected to play range

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 4 Released 2015-11-17

• Correct Pitch Tool - Alt Value added with defaults to 100%
• Warp Point Edit Tool mode '.' key enables - Shift click adds or deletes warp points.
• RIGHT CLICK HERE TO ADD A PROCESS if audio is in session but no process. (Counts in place warp as a process)
• Process Settings added to context menu. Warp Region Settings removed from end of context menu.
Note - doubler input does not show a context menu.
• Session settings - time codes side by side
• Auto Spot options changed - Tracks menu changed
⁃ Spot to timecode - If file contains timecode spot to timecode
⁃ Spot to playhead - spot all files to playhead
• Windows - abort of background process is very sluggish CProcessManager::RenderProcessOutputsThread SAL::Sleep(0.05); changed to 0.001 - other optimisations also speed up response.
• Memory leak in APT CTDHS1PitchCorrection::~CTDHS1PitchCorrect - Fixed
• Global Switch to hide all but channel 1 Tracks -> Show Only Channel 1 Audio
• Oleg - Track contains failed APT output - regions further down the track are distorted when you spot back to Pro Tools. - Not been able to replicate
• OS X Export audio .wav added to exported file names
• Playhead display can now be edited.
• Windows - Upgraded to InstallShield 2015
• Experimental transient detector in Warp Process.

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 3 - Windows Build with revised time-out release 2015-10-12

• Some of Studio One 3 fixed not actually in Beta 2 - Fixed
• Editing of playhead position in transport area. Initial code.
• Warp Process - Drag note with Alt key now working with none linear and scales and scales with more than 12 notes.
• Problem in Pro Tools Doubler APT - transfer audio to Revoice - use versions in doubler - spot audio back - no audio. paulyd2@yahoo.co.uk Fixed
• Bug in warp code at 96000 Sample rate due to (int4) cast in Rapt.Run( - Fixed
• Some CDestinationID converted to const CDestinationID & to avoid copy operation same for other id values
• OS X - "The document could not be autosaved" message fixed.
• Correct Pitch - Alt key at 100%?

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 2 Alpha Release 2015-09-30

• Shift Scroll wheel - scrolling tracks removed. Pref added to disable scroll wheel in track - when disabled always send mouse events to tracks. JB Request
• On Windows Shift + the scroll wheel scrolls the timeline. (Reverting to 3.0 behaviour)
• 29.97 drop frame - drop frames should be at the start of the next minute not at the end of the minute. Fixed.
• SMPTEToSeconds Error which can cause a crash if you enter 00:58:;29 - Possible Fix
• Pro Tool Revoice Monitor - audio drop out at 96K - Fixed by doubling read ahead buffer length above 48K
• Copy and Paste working from Studio One 3 on Mac and Windows.
• Scales dialog implemented on Windows build.
Bug - Display Scales - select cancel - selection select of Scale… in list box - will anyone find this!
• Bottom of Doubler Dialog - control spacing not right.- To Fix

Revoice Pro 3.2 Build 1 - Limited Alpha Release 2015-09-23

• Correct Pitch - Crash on OS X 10.10 animation starts before [m_vfsldCorrection SetValue:0]; call result in out of bounds number. Only occurs with Debug builds.
• Fixes from 3.1 (2)
• Automatic playback of selected notes when editing pitch. Preference added - Auto Play when Editing added to control this option.
• Script interface to load Tuning Grid and Scale files
• Always draw semitone labels when drawing tone labels as we are using the label to indicate valid notes in the scale.
• Scales Added to transport area - allow selection of current scale rule - display panel that allows create of a scale rule and control of the reference frequency. Each scale always has a chromatic options display. Current scale rule controls the visible Pitch grid and the Correct Pitch tool.
• += key switch to next scale, - key switch to previous scale.
• AAX plug-in moved to AAX_SDK_2p2p0 SDK
• Support for importing a MIDI file, ether using Import MIDI file menu or by drag and drop. Display mode switch in transport bar to show Bar | Beats.
• Upgraded to Intel performance library 11.3
• Crash if closing program with Session Settings open - Fix - stopped controls updating document on window close.