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Gearslutz - August 2015

Sound Quality (5/5)

There is literally nothing that I can fault sound wise, it does everything it should and transparently.

Ease of Use (5/5)

There is slight room for improvement with the timeline and display of pitches but to be honest Syncroarts have done a really fantastic job of making a standalone program link with your chosen DAW in an intuitive and hassle-free way.

Features (4/5)

I am impressed with the feature set already, the pitch and timing matching algorithms are second-to-none and the doubler is fantastic. However, when editing a track with stacked vocal harmonies there is room to make considerable improvements, which would make tuning harmonies much simpler and quicker.

Bang for Buck (4/5)

ReVoice Pro will undoubtedly save you an incredible amount of time and for that is worth all five stars. However, compared to the pricing structure of other pitch correction software it is extremely pricey. Of course ReVoice Pros APT functionality offers way more than any competitors, but it will only be a viable purchase for professionals and the most committed hobbyist. ReVoice Pros pricing structure is no doubt partly down to ReVoice Pros use when syncing overdubbed audio in video applications (ADR), where the market is more affluent and arguably more sustainable.

My original review had “bang for buck” at 3 stars but the new manual tools mean that you wouldn’t have to buy a separate piece of tuning software for more advanced manual pitch tweaks; thus giving extra value for money and therefore worthy of upping this rating to 4 stars.

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