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Resolution Magazine - October 2018

"Revoice Pro 4 now uses third generation timing algorithms and separate Music and Dialogue APT modes, and it’s clearly much improved over earlier versions. The new Music mode is more respectful of the musical detail although it still effectively clamps the timing together. Additional to Timing adjustments, one can also separately select Pitch and Level matching as part of or instead of the time matching process, each section with tweakable parameters.

... There is an amazing new feature to retain vibrato when shortening or lengthening notes; this cleverly preserves the vibrato rate rather than just stretching it with the note length. It works well, and you can get even more fiddly with it by adding warp points to vary intensity and speed at different times.

Pressing the S key is a shortcut to a graphic representation of the vocal track with all the esses, v’s and breaths highlighted. It’s easy to then drag those sections up or down in level for intricate and selective manual de-essing. A useful new feature is the addition of pitch correction to a particular scale, and you can now choose whether the default pitch anchor is at the beginning, middle or end of notes.

… there’s really nothing that you can’t achieve with the comprehensive tools found in Revoice, like the clever Smooth Join and the handy new Reset tools, and you can make pitch crossfades even with ‘pitch protected’ notes. Splitting and joining notes will not cause any jumps or pops, and the algorithm is arguably the most natural sounding manipulation available."

To read the full review visit https://www.resolutionmag.com/

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