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Sound On Sound - August 2015

The major developments in the new version 3 of Revoice Pro see it go head to head with products such as Auto-Tune and, especially, Celemony’s Melodyne. For the first time, Revoice now includes pitch-correction, with a focus on the sort of detailed manual editing of pitch and timing that you can only really achieve in an offline application, rather than a real-time plug-in. 

Where too many manufacturers offer impressive-looking but ultimately frustrating PDF files full of blank pages and redundant information, Synchro Arts have put together an HTML manual that is a model of economy and clarity. 

Once you get the hang of carrying out manual pitch-correction in Revoice Pro, it becomes a pretty straightforward process, with the tools available being both powerful and easy to use. And the best news is that it’s possible to obtain results which are very good indeed.

With due care and attention, results are possible in Revoice Pro that I think would be hard to top in any other application, even Melodyne, and the addition of pitch-correction makes it into a true ‘one-stop shop’ for touching up vocals to the standard required in modern productions. It’s a professional tool at a professional price, but if you’re serious about getting the best from your vocal recordings, Revoice Pro 3 is about as good as it gets. 

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