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Revoice Pro 4 - TapeOp - March 2021

"One of the only positives about the coronavirus lockdown has been having time to learn some new skills – or in my case, take a fresh look at an old friend. A few years ago Synchro Arts made a spinoff of VocAlign, christened it Revoice Pro, and added the ability to tune vocals; enabling one track to impose its timing and tuning on other tracks.

It’s the holy grail for backing vocals; although that description is far too limited since you can use it on lead vocals and instruments as well.

Let’s repeat those abilities again because it’s too easy to gloss over the power you have at your disposal here. You can cleanly, and without artifacts, tune and time a vocal, then share that tuning and timing (plus the performance’s energy) with other vocal tracks – automatically, and in a few seconds.

Literally. Tweak 64 tracks of backing vocals? Sure, piece of cake! Can I make a lead vocal double? Yep, give me thirty seconds!"

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