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Working Class Audio Podcast - November 2015

In the spirit of turning you onto things that I’m trying out and digging, there’s a company called Synchro Arts and they make this product called Revoice Pro that does a lot of different things.

First of all, it does pitch correction and it can do time alignment between two vocalists for example. I was working on this Americana record and some of the vocal tracks were done a little bit in a hurry because we had so many tracks and there was a male vocalist and a female vocalist. In many cases, they needed to be singing together but the timing was a little off - here and there. So it sounded like I needed to re-cut these vocals.

But I came across the Synchro Arts product, downloaded the demo and used the Pro Tools Audio-Suite plug-in. I sampled the female vocal, applied her timing and phrasing to the male vocal and boom! Like magic I’ve gotta tell you! The thing worked! Of course I could have re-done the vocal tracks but the band’s budget was already constrained to begin with and I really needed to think this thing through and make this work for them. And this thing did amazing work! I’m really liking it for mixing and it’s pretty cool. I’m not an expert on everything that it does but it’s really something that I’m going to be digging into here for a while. 

Listen to Matt Boudreau's Revoice Pro mention from 1 minute 35 seconds HERE


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