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  • Authorization of VocALign Project 3 - FAQ
    ... Manager, drag your VocALign Project 3 licence to the computer (or iLok USB key) you want to use. If you haven't done so already, download any of the VocALign Project 3 software versions for your DAWs and Operating Systems from: ...

  • Studio One 4 does not show the VocALign Project or VocALign Pro plug-in after installation - FAQ
    On occasion, Studio One 4 software may not recognise newly installed plug-ins. This procedure will force Studio One to rescan installed plug-ins. Please try the following steps: Windows Exit Studio One 4 software (if it is running) Open a Windows ...

  • How can I tell if I have the latest license for VocALign Project - FAQ
    ... will authorize all VocALign Project 3 versions that can be downloaded here: //www.synchroarts.com/downloads/#vocalign-project NOTE: If it is a VocALign Project LE license, and it does not run with your version of Pro Tools, you will need to upgrade ...

  • Why isn't VocALign Pro or VocALign Project appearing in Sonar's Region FX Menu ? - FAQ
    ... section "Software Installation and Authorization" in the user manual. You can download the manuals for VocALign Project and VocALign Pro from: Downloads. In some cases Sonar will not automatically scan its VST plug-ins as it starts. This means ...