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VocALigning Hip Hop Vocal Takes For Dr. Dre’s Record Label - Quentin Gilkey As Aftermath Entertainment’s Chief Engineer, Quentin Gilkey (Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt) believes that people perform at their best when they’re challenged and uses VocALign.

Producer For Prog-Rock Supergroup Believes VocALign ARA Is A Revolution “VocALign ARA has really changed the way I work. The time to set up, tweak, and manage VocALign has evaporated. I can now fit it into any timeline, with more flexibility, and be even more creative with it.

Save Time With VocALign Pro - Grammy-Winning Jason Goldstein Grammy-winning mix engineer Jason Goldstein (Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, R Kelly, Jay Z, David Bowie) believes that countless hours of sitting in a chair, aligning vocals by hand have been rendered unnecessary since VocALign was introduced.

Erich Gann Tells How He Gets Genius Dialog Right With Synchro Arts’ Software Sound supervisor and Golden Reel award winner Erich Gann (Genius, Star Trek, Wrecked, Agent X, Silent Witness, Battlestar Galactica and Empire) talks about how he uses the full range of Synchro Arts software - VocALign, Revoice Pro and Titan when editing dialog, ADR, music and sound effects.

Vocal Production Lifesaver - Emre Ramazanoglu Musician/engineer/producer Emre Ramazanoglu (Mark Ronson, Warpaint, Pulp, The Prodigy. Jack Savoretti) refuses to be “boxed in” by also working as a writer, producer, engineer, sound designer and sample library creator. Emre believes that “Revoice Pro is generally fantastic and has been absolutely life saving!”

Titan Conforms ADR On Top Movies - Harrison Meyle Dialogue editor Harrison Meyle (Entourage, Godzilla, Red, Empire, American Crime) says "Synchro Arts products are definately mainstay's within our workflow and Revoice Pro is something that I will always use."

The Secret To Tight Vocal Parts – Fredrik Thomander Songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Fredrik Thomander (Agnetha Fältskog, N Sync, Scorpions, Girls Generation, Arashi, Darin, A Teens, Gotthard, Backyard Babies, Natural, Agnes Carlsson, No Angels, Kim Wilde) says "I edit a lot of background vocals, and if I have a singer that does something very personal and vibey, and I'm able to dub that, it's just fantastic to have Revoice Pro to enable me to do it! It does something that I haven't had before and it's a fantastic tool!"

Heavy Metal Vocal Production Tricks - Juan Urteaga On VocALign Producer/mix engineer Juan Urteaga (Vicious Rumors, Exodus, Testament, Machine Head, Ted Nugent) says “unlike other products that don’t really live up to the hype, Synchro Arts products work well. VocALign is the one I always recommend to people.”

Advice From The Vocal Producer Of Gary Barlow And Sting - Steve Williams Producer Steve Williams (Lisa Stansfield, Sting, Human League, Gary Barlow) believes that one of the great things about ReVoice Pro is that "it takes away the old school method of dropping in so much."

Audio Post Production And The Role Of Technology – Mike Thornton Talks Tech Mike Thornton has worked in post production for the BBC, local TV and radio, is Editor of Pro Tools Expert and a contributor to Sound on Sound magazine. He says "Revoice Pro has already saved me and my clients' bacon several times!"

Vocal Plugin That Changed The Game For Top Audio Engineer Engineer Brendan McReynolds (Justin Bieber, Will.I.Am., Britney Spears, Alicia Keys) says "my friend pulled up this plug-in that changed the game for me. It was VocALign. Since then, I’ve moved up to Revoice Pro, and every day it makes my world a little easier to work in."

How Vocal Takes Are Matched Perfectly – Revoice Pro Is The One, Says Morris Mingo Songwriter/producer Morris Mingo (James Jackson & Atlanta Praise, Ryan Luckie, Jodi Litmon, Bishop Iva Durand) says "Revoice Pro gives you the ability to match takes, making it easier to align overdubs that are out of sync."

The Right Music Production Tools Are Essential, Says Kip Winger Multi-platinum recording artist Kip Winger, best-known for his success with Winger and his early days as a bass player with Alice Cooper, uses VocALign because it saves him "the hassle of singing more than I can handle!"

Double-Tracking Vocal Parts Made Easy For Charles Nieland Producer/songwriter/engineer/music video director Charles Nieland (The Scissor Sisters, Rufus Wainwright, Debbie Harry) says that "VocALign let's you quickly sync up vocals and Revoice Pro can sync many takes at once as well as create doubles from nothing."

Hit US TV Shows Get The Revoice Pro Treatment - Billy Jay Stein Pianist/composer/music director/producer/sound designer/engineer Billy Jay Stein one a 2015 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album for producing and mixing Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. He mainly uses Revoice Pro for "background vocal tightening!"

Time-Align And Create Realistic Doubles - Grammy-Nominated Ryan Benyo Ryan Benyo is the Director of Licensing and Creative at Kid Pan Alley. He used to make edits by hand in his DAW and there was a lot of guesswork involved with edits often being heard - but not anymore. "I find Revoice Pro far more transparent. It opens up quickly, it never crashes, it’s easy to audition and set-up an audition path and selecting and spotting regions makes it really simple to do a lot of things at once without getting confused."

Top Vocal Group Bala Brothers Blown Away By Revoice Pro The Bala Brothers – Loyiso, Zwai and Phelo – are a household name in South Africa, thrilling audiences with their fusion of operatically-trained voices, rich harmonies and traditional South African melodies and rhythms. Zwai uses Revoice Pro to process a lot of their vocals and says that "the APT function is what drew my attention the most at the beginning and it saves me a lot of valuable time."

Get Grammy-Winning Vocals With VocALign - Val Garay With record sales totaling a hugely impressive 125,000,000 worldwide, Val Garay has worked with everybody who’s anybody in the recording industry. "No other product allows me to tighten vocal takes and create double and harmony tracks with the amount of versatility and flexibility as the Synchro Arts products do."

Vocal Timing And Tuning With Almost No Artifacts - Ryan Nasci Tells Us How Ryan Nasci assists well-known mixer’s Tony Maserati and Jon Castelli as an engineer at Mirrorball Entertainment. He's a regular Revoice Pro user and likes "the speed of use with the newer APT audiosuite feature. It allows me to quickly tune and time vocal stacks so that I can focus more on the music and mix instead of getting caught up with tedious tuning and timing processes."