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Authentic Tight Vocals Fast with Producer Seton Daunt

Using Logic Pro and Revoice Pro 4 together, watch producer Seton Daunt quickly align two vocal harmonies to a lead vocal and then create new doubles based on the harmonies, so a wider stereo field can then be generated with panning back inside the DAW. All this takes just a few minutes and the results sound fantastic.

Here are the steps covered in the video;

1) Import vocals into Revoice Pro 4 from Logic Pro using 'Selection-based Processing'

2) Use APT or Audio Performance Transfer in Revoice Pro 4 to align the timing of the harmonies to the lead vocal

3) Use a Doubler process in Revoice Pro to create doubles of the harmonies

4) Drag and drop the new vocals back into Logic Pro

If you'd like to try this yourself, just grab a free 14-day trial and give Revoice Pro a try today.


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