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Get Tight Vocals In Seconds - A Guide to VocAlign

When we talk about modern vocal production, things like pitch correction and time alignment are an absolute must. While it's possible to align your vocals manually with different editing techniques like slicing, nudging things around, adding crossfades etc, this is a tedious process and takes up valuable studio time. 

In this tutorial, producer Marcus Husykens explains how to use VocAlign to align the timing of multiple stacked vocals in just a few mouse clicks. While we focus on just the chorus for the video, with our SmartAlign feature you can align all the vocals in your song at the same time using VocAlign with no chopping or pre-editing needed.

Lastly, while this tutorial features VocAlign Project 5 and Logic Pro, the workflow is very similar in other DAWS. 

Get your free 14-day trial version of VocAlign Project 5 and give it a spin today!


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